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Leadership coaching and consulting services for high-performing senior business leaders facing, or causing, something new

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Our client organisations are growing fast, or transforming to meet new business needs. The senior leaders we serve face challenging business goals. Goals like: winning pivotal new customers or clients; resolving ruinous conflicts; or securing investor buy-in.

They need to create clarity and alignment. They aspire to shift culture and mindsets, to drive prioritisation and action in their businesses. Often, we coach leaders in highly technical or research-oriented businesses looking to achieve a more commercial focus; to increase pace of execution; or to overhaul team dynamics.

The majority of our senior clients are leaders in early-stage rapid growth businesses - on either side of the deal (Angels & VCs as well as Founders, Boards & Executives). Our favourite kind of clients are earnest, entrepreneurial and ambitious. They are rarely “rounded leaders”, but instead rather brilliant in some key areas and keen to grow and improve.

By working with Horizon37, our clients find themselves equipped and empowered to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value.

Accredited by the Association for Professsional Executive Coaching and Supervision


"The LTB" is our flagship bespoke programme, delivered over 6-18 months to transform the top team’s performance.

1. Discovery phase to understand the needs and opportunities through diagnostic interviewing, workshops, surveys, psychometrics and 360s

2. Design and delivery of interventions, including 1:1 and team coaching and workshops to build new skills, mindsets, team-effectiveness, and alignment

Your Horizon37 team works with you in partnership. Your programme is tailored, strategy-led, adaptable and constantly evaluated and refined for maximum impact for your business. Our clients report impact and results in six key areas: 

Clarity, alignment, and owner mindset on direction and strategy throughout the organisation

Aligned culture and values, and closed gap between stated and lived

Understanding of strengths to appreciate and leverage diversity in the top team and beyond

Stronger trust (psychological safety) within and for the top team to deliver team performance

Optimised individual leadership performance – right roles, optimised strengths, recognise value

Skills to lead teams and deliver business outcomes


We work on high-priority leadership projects with the greatest potential for impact. We tailor our services to your needs, and focus where our specific experience and expertise will add the maximum value for you. We offer three core services: 

1. The purpose of our bespoke leadership coaching is to empower high-impact leaders to cause valuable results, building on insight from diagnostics including psychometrics and 360s. 

2. We provide strategy-led Board facilitation and advice to generate solutions that build alignment and transform the performance of your organisation.  

3. We share authentic leadership stories and structured, practical techniques in participatory, bespoke coaching workshops and courses


Our immersive, transformative coaching engagements include regular face to face sessions over a 2-3 month period and our long-term 1:1 coach-client partnerships. We also pride ourselves on being innovative and constantly learning with our clients. Whether you need ad hoc thought-partnership; highly focussed phone coaching; 1:2 co-founder coaching; coaching to embed new learning from a leadership programme - our services are tailored for your specific priorities.

We help you achieve results in four areas:

1. Strategy

What results do you want to achieve? How will you measure success? We coach you to identify priorities, and form leadership strategies that will deliver a measurable performance uplift.

2. Mindset

Transformation depends on identifying and committing to what really matters, and building alignment. We help you discover how your mindsets can set the stage for effective leadership.

3. Skills

What practical leadership skills will maximise your impact? Influencing, selling a vision, delegating...? We might use role-play, theory or action-planning to help you develop personal impact skills.

4. Platform

What gives you a platform for action? Your network, relationships, time and stress management systems? You will create the enviornment and put support in place for sustainable performance. 

We are often asked, what is leadership coaching? Together with you, your Horizon37 coach will analyse your situation and make sense of it - your aspirations, strengths and challenges. They will help you set goals, and clarify your direction. Then they will build tools and strategies with you, for you to achieve results. They will listen deeply, they will challenge, and sometimes they will advise - bringing in our latest research and their own leadership experience. As a result of working with your coach, you will feel confident, empowered, and making the best of your own brilliance. You will be taking action. You will achieve a transformation in your performance and impact.

"Katy made me stop and think. She is memorable, natural and a "real human" in the way she coaches."
“Helps you reach within yourself to be a more centred, confident leader who communicates both upwards to the board and downwards to your top team”

 “Helped me to break some life-long habits and even completely altered the way I choose to approach a range of scenarios, from networking to influencing” 


We have a special interest, and extensive experience, in facilitating complex strategic discussions. We work with Boards and senior teams seeking to solve problems, make decisions, or build alignment and clarity.

Does your business need a cultural transformation? Are you integrating new members into the Executive team or Board? Are you pivoting? Has a new growth opportunity opened up? Is there some mis-alignment on vision?

With strong business backgrounds, our facilitators take a strategy-led approach and have a remarkable ability to get up to speed very quickly on business context, in order to ground and drive the discussion. We thrive as facilitators of diverse, knowledgeable, opinionated, groups.

- Strategic analysis of your situation and options
- Board assessment
- Meeting, away-day, and workshop facilitation
- Identifying alignment and mis-alignment
- Highly-structured written synthesis

Our role is to facilitate your decision-making. Our style is to maintain a ruthless focus on your objectives and optimise the contribution from every participant. We structure the discussion, listen deeply, check alignment, and capture your decisions and actions to play back to you in a highly-structured way. Our clients achieve increased quality and efficiency of discussion, and those contributing to the decision-making, experience greater satisfaction with the process and a stronger ownserhip of the outputs. As a result, you will achieve better alignment on a way forward for the organisation, with clear actions, that will save a lot of time and increase your impact in the future.

“Managed to coax a coherent strategy and implementation plan out of a bunch or chaotic, opinionated and wildly inconsistent investors”

"Compiled thorough preparatory materials, facilitated a productive workshop and followed up with those involved to get to consensus on strategy formulation"

"Maintained a productive and constructive group dynamic and helped the team focus on the task at hand"


We provide bespoke leadership training and coaching programmes for groups of senior individuals. Our deep specialisms are leadership mindsets and team dynamics. 

We design and deliver bespoke in-house courses for client organisations, and offer a small number of open courses each year. 

Example course modules include:
- Influencing dysfunctional behaviour
- Feedback – overcoming fear to drive performance
- Mindsets for personal impact and gravitas
- Optimistic re-framing for resilience
- Saying no gracefully (and saying yes with purpose)
- The power of coaching (for everyone involved)
- Dynamo network – building informal teams & collaborations (no authority required!)
- Transitions – commitment and action
- The “Panic Button” and how we can keep things on track

Our Open Courses and Events are listed on The Cambridge Network

We present new frameworks, ideas, and ways of thinking about leadership, and we under-pin these with academic theory. But Horizon37's participants go much futher, our workshops and courses are experiential.  We bring our cohorts together to challenge, refine and internalise our content. We create opportunities for them to coach each other, and to personalise and practise the new ways of thinking and techniques introduced. Participants leave with concrete action plans and accountability for putting their "break-throughs" into practice.

"Remarkably quickly understood our requirements and accurately grasped our DNA and our culture. Delivered with energy, gravitas and really engaged with everyone in the room. We were left (a) motivated and energised and (b) very clear on what we needed to implement."

"A perfect blend of practical examples and role play backed up with psychology theory. We've seen a real shift in mindset in how we approach situations that can potentially be negative and divisive."

"Truly captivating and inspiring and helped us set the scene for an important development programme with our top 100 potential leadership group."



Why the "37"?

Our Founder, Katy Tuncer's trigonometry calculations tell her that if the average person sat on her shoulders, the horizon would appear 3.7km further away than if sat on the ground. 

We believe her.

How is the Horizon37 coaching approach transforming scale-up leadership performance?

Peter Cowley, UK Business Angel Association Angel Investor of the Year and The Invested Investor interviewed Katy about The Leadership Team Bootcamp and group coaching, which he recommends for his portfolio companies.

Who are the Horizon37 Coaches?

Horizon37 coaches are selected for the outstanding results they cause with clients. Their stellar track records - in personal business leadership, strategic consulting, and coaching senior leaders - are just the beginning. Each brings a unique expertise and style to coaching, and a bespoke service for each client. We don't offer standardised or formulaic coaching. We do promise to make a tangible positive difference for the individual client and the business.

Some of our coaches:

“I am passionate about coaching and see it as a 50:50 partnership. The client sets the agenda and tailor-makes their learning; I ask insightful questions at the right time, supporting the client to think in new ways and find new solutions. Trust is key, allowing me to challenge assumptions, positively."

"Through the coaching, you will achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment through leading with greater authenticity, purpose and intention in your context. I bring years of research and experience of developing leaders, and tailor this to help you achieve your goals."

“Coaching is about conversations that matter, with a skilled, confidential partner, to effect personal and organisational change; and, to enhance performance and enjoyment. It is entirely focused on your objectives and needs, and timed to match your learning style and busy schedule.”


What does it take to lead through the scale-up stage? Are scale-up CEOs born, or can they be made?

Our 2018 research project considers: Can we challenge the dogma that great scale-up CEOs are "born with it" and can't be "made"?

In the Cambridge cluster, investors and founders alike argue that CEO leadership matters hugely in determining the ultimate outcomes for early-stage tech businesses. And the cost of a CEO failing and needing to be replaced can be high – in terms of shares, salaries and time – if not terminal, for the business. 

But founder CEOs often struggle during the scale-up phase.

Through this research project we aim to address the demoralising statistics about the drop-out rate of founder CEOs as businesses grow. We will equip investors, the CEOs themselves, and other mentors and coaches, with insight to guide and priortise their efforts in developing CEO leadership. 



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