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Internal Coaching Programme 

Our expert-led internal coaching programmes create a coaching culture within our customer’s organisation. We train and supervise internal coaches, and together, we put in place a formal role and structure within the organisation. This programme is the catalyst for a positive coaching relationship among employees.

Example Challenges

• Maintaining and embedding learned skills, approaches, and behaviours from previous coaching
• Updating and unifying organisational culture
• Meeting demand from staff for professional development opportunities
• Extending the reach of personal development investment further across the organisation

Our Approach

• Advice on internal coach selection
• Training in coaching techniques, including scripts and crib sheets
• Analysis and evaluation of live demonstrations
• Practice through role play
• Set up of internal groups for coaching
• Supervision and support for internal coaches

Your Results

• Clear understanding of the role of a coach and the value of coaching
• Appreciation of boundaries and ethics
• Ability to implement of our successful coaching principles
• Well-developed coaching mindset
• Discovery of your personal philosophy as a coach
• Creation of a coaching culture within the organisation

"A great introduction into the 101 of coaching. After a few weeks, we could already see the benefits surfacing. Colleagues have gained confidence, we have started applying coaching principles outside the scheduled sessions, it's become common to discuss issues over lunch and encourage each other to stick with goals, and we are embedding our learning into daily business practices. Horizon37 made this possible by creating a safe and well thought out framework and were with us every step of the way.” 

Stephanie Groenke
Programme Manager, GeoSpock Ltd

The Horizon37 Method

Our customers are growing fast, or transforming to meet new business needs. The senior leaders we serve face challenging business goals. Goals like: winning pivotal new customers or clients; resolving ruinous conflicts; or securing investor buy-in.
By working with Horizon37, CEOs and senior leaders find themselves equipped and empowered to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value.

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