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Transform leadership performance to deliver business results 
Senior leaders in rapid-growth businesses, work with your team of high-impact Horizon37 coaches to:

DISCOVER and align on high-ROI opportunities to improve leadership performance, for your unique business and its people
PERFORM in specific and meaningful areas that are most relevant to your vision and strategic priorities
We bring expertise on how leadership enables scale-up business performance, and exceptional tried and tested coaching methodologies for individuals and teams. Our programmes are designed to guide leaders to discover for themselves what will make a difference to their performance, and take focused action to improve in priority areas to get business results.

Discover & Align Programmes

Choose high-ROI opportunities to improve leadership performance in your growing business. Work with a team of coaches for 6-8 weeks to achieve immediate results, align on priorities and a clear way forward to transform your leadership, and get business results. 

Team Coaching Programmes

Achieve step-changes in senior team collective and individual leadership performance over 6-12 months, with new leadership mindsets and techniques. We curate and tailor six modules to address your specific leadership challenges and achieve your business goals.

Individual Leader Coaching

Experience immersive and transformative 1:1 leadership coaching, tailored to meet your unique needs. Together, we make sense of your aspirations, strengths and challenges, and work to improve performance in specific and meaningful areas relevant to your vision and priorities.

Assess, Connect, Explore

Senior Teams and Boards, understand each other better with one of our ACE programmes. We analyse your aspirations, motivations, traits, behavioural styles and preferences. You make sense of insight and select priorities for action in facilitated workshops.


Capture actionable anonymised feedback. Our bespoke approach enables meaningful analysis of externally perceived strengths, styles, and limiting weaknesses. We coach clients to choose actions and commitments to elevate performance.

Coach the Coaches

Create a coaching culture within your business. We train and supervise internal coaches, and together, we put in place a formal structure for you. This programme is the catalyst for a positive coaching relationship among employees.


"Horizon37 is taking the company from a research start-up into a commercially-minded business focused on growth. They are helping us understand how and when to take advice and to build alignment. Progress so far has exceeded my expectations by a long way."

David Cleeveley 
Chairman, Raspberry Pi Foundation

"In only five months, the change has been truly profound, the way we talk and listen to each other, the way we deal with conflict and how we each and collectively make decisions is already having a massively positive impact on our daily lives at work."

Richard Baker
CEO, GeoSpock

"Quite literally, life-changing in terms of prioritisation, efficacy and enjoyment of my numerous commercial and altruistic roles. I cannot recommend highly enough."

Peter Cowley
President, European Business Angel Network

"Has made a remarkable difference - I feel empowered, able to articulate vision, and equipped with new habits and leadership techniques for getting consistent results. Invaluable in helping me shape my business mindset."

Inge Cuypers
CEO, Lola Tech

"Has the ability to ask the right questions while not making you feel bad for not knowing the answers. Helps you reach within yourself to be a more centered, confident leader who communicates clearly both upwards to the board and downwards to your top team."

David Buxton
CEO, Arachnys

"We are working out together how to create a consistent positive culture, whilst also valuing new ways of thinking and doing things. As we move from start-up to scale-up it is key that we not just grow our leadership function but ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction."

Ramsey Faragher
CEO, Focal Point Positioning

We work in Cambridge and London with rapid growth businesses - some are local and others come to us from further afield.

Please contact us to find out about transforming your leadership performance, using the form below or email us at

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