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Assess, Connect, Explore

Senior Teams and Boards, understand each other better with one of our ACE programmes. We analyse your aspirations, motivations, traits, behavioural styles and preferences. You make sense of insight and select priorities for action in facilitated workshops. Our expert coaches will advise on a selection of suitable frameworks, guide you through the process, step-by-step, and help interpret findings and select priorities for action by the individual, the team, and the organisation as a whole.

Example Challenges

• Stalled or misaligned decision making
• Development of group think
• Inefficient team meetings
• Difficult team dynamics
• Poor communication within and between teams
• Critical phase of hiring into key roles

Our Approach

• Present options and benefits of psychometrics/other assessment frameworks and recommend best fit
• Administrate assessments and generate individual and aggregate data reports
• Provide interpretive guidance and coaching to explore outputs in-depth
• Facilitate tailor-made team workshops

Your Results

• Understanding of perspectives and preferences of self and colleagues
• Appreciation of differences and methods to leverage diverse strengths and styles for collective performance
• Improved trust, engagement, and collaboration
• Systematic creation of diverse and effective teams

“As our company moves from start-up to scale-up it is key that we not just grow our leadership function but ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction. Horizon37 are guiding us on that journey. We are working out together how to create a consistent positive culture, whilst also valuing new ways of thinking and doing things. As we grow, with new leaders and teams, Horizon37 is helping us get the ideal skills in place using psychometric profile analysis as a guide.”

Ramsey Faragher
CEO and Founder, Focal Point Positioning Ltd

The Horizon37 Method

Our customers are growing fast, or transforming to meet new business needs. The senior leaders we serve face challenging business goals. Goals like: winning pivotal new customers or clients; resolving ruinous conflicts; or securing investor buy-in.
By working with Horizon37, CEOs and senior leaders find themselves equipped and empowered to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value.

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