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"Thoughtful, smart and know exactly when to intervene and at what tenor. Helped me achieve outcomes that might have taken a much longer, more painful route without them. 100% recommend."

Julia Salasky
CEO, Crowd Justice

"Compiled thorough preparatory materials, facilitated productive workshops and followed up with those involved to get to consensus. Highly effective."

Tim Parsonson
Director, Rockspring Nominees

"Managed to coax a coherent strategy and implementation plan out of a bunch of chaotic, opinionated and wildly inconsistent angel investors :) Helped get a great plan in place."

Sean Phelan
Board member, Cambridge Angels

"Intelligent, perceptive and emotionally astute. Maintained a productive and constructive group dynamic and helped the team focus on the task at hand. I strongly recommend."

Andy Phillipps
Serial Founder (including Active Hotels - merged to form Booking.com)

"An uncanny ability to identify blindspots and provide clear actionable frameworks and practical advice on corrective actions. No nonsense, forthright style is refreshing to engage with."

Victor Christou
CEO, Cambridge Innovation Capital

“We've seen a real shift in mindset in how we approach situations that can potentially be negative and divisive. A very positive experience.”

Alan Sinclair
Product Development Consultant, The Technology Partnership

"Helped me navigate the right path from a company perspective and ensured that each individual action and step I took helped me get there. Always supportive, empathetic and positive."

Aidan Crawley
CEO, Circles

“Methods are direct and keenly challenging and with each session came a significant breakthrough.”

Inger Anson
Partner, Harrison Clarke Rickerbys

“An incredibly positive experience. Together, we identified a clear path, utilising my strengths, to improve my ability to empower, develop and challenge my personal brand and to become a better leader."

Nick Hounsfield
Founder, The Wave

"Horizon37 is taking the company from a research start-up into a commercially-minded business focused on growth. They are helping us understand how and when to take advice and to build alignment. Progress so far has exceeded my expectations by a long way."

David Cleeveley
Chairman, Raspberry Pi Foundation

"In only five months, the change has been truly profound, the way we talk and listen to each other, the way we deal with conflict and how we each and collectively make decisions is already having a massively positive impact on our daily lives at work."

Richard Baker
CEO, GeoSpock

"Quite literally, life-changing in terms of prioritisation, efficacy and enjoyment of my numerous commercial and altruistic roles. I cannot recommend highly enough."

Peter Cowley
President, European Business Angel Network

"Has made a remarkable difference - I feel empowered, able to articulate vision, and equipped with new habits and leadership techniques for getting consistent results. Invaluable in helping me shape my business mindset."

Inge Cuypers
CEO, Lola Tech

"Has the ability to ask the right questions while not making you feel bad for not knowing the answers. Helps you reach within yourself to be a more centered, confident leader who communicates clearly both upwards to the board and downwards to your top team."

David Buxton
CEO, Arachnys

"We are working out together how to create a consistent positive culture, whilst also valuing new ways of thinking and doing things. As we move from start-up to scale-up it is key that we not just grow our leadership function but ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction."

Ramsey Faragher
CEO, Focal Point Positioning

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